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What is the warranty on media?

Kuul Vitality, Kuul Evolution, and Kuul Control evaporative media have a one year from date of purchase warranty. No warranty is available on…Learn More

How long should media last?

With proper maintenance and water quality, Kuul evaporative media will typically last 5 years or more. For further information on maintenance routines and…Learn More

Is there a correct way to install the media?

Yes. To receive your maximum ‘Kuul Effect,’ you’ll need to refer to the directional label on each piece of media. The label will…Learn More

What is the benefit of DuraPro coating?

DuraPro coating offers a superior level of durability to your evaporative media. It can help extend the life of the media and allows…Learn More

Can I use reverse osmosis or deionized water?

You should avoid using reverse osmosis or deionized water. For additional information on media, please see the Maintenance Guide or give us a…Learn More

How can I clean the media?

A soft bristled brush is recommended to remove heavy debris. Additional information and cleaning steps are found in the Maintenance Guide.Learn More

What can I use to clean the media for scale build up or algae?

Disinfectants used at low and safe concentrations per manufacturer guidelines (ex: chlorine at 1-2 ppm can be a disinfectant). For additional information on…Learn More

How often should I clean the media?

We recommend media to be regularly cleaned once a month following the guidelines found in the Maintenance Guide. The cleaning frequency may be…Learn More

What is the smell and how can I get rid of it?

Initially, new Kuul® evaporative media may emit a slight scent or odor. This typically dissipates quickly, but, to accelerate the process, you can…Learn More

Should I use on/off wetting cycles?

We recommend keeping on and off cycles to a minimum and the media allowed to dry completely once every 24 hours.  Please refer…Learn More

What is the minimum and maximum pH range?

The pH levels should be less than 8 and greater than 6. Please refer to the Maintenance Guide for additional information.Learn More

Do you sell KuulAire coolers or replacement parts?

No, we no longer sell KuulAire evaporative coolers nor replacement parts. Those products were discontinued approximately seven years ago.Learn More

Can evaporative coolers be used inside?

Evaporative coolers are designed to work best in areas not easily cooled by traditional air conditioning. This means ideal spaces have access to…Learn More

Why is the red pump indicator light not working?

The red light on the control panel of your Portacool evaporative cooler next to the pump switch is actually a low-level light. When…Learn More

My new Portacool evaporative cooler smells funny. Is it on fire?

It’s not on fire…well, if it is smoking it might be, but a strange smell is normal for about the first two weeks…Learn More

Another company told me that your products are hard to care for and have to be put together.

They didn’t tell you the truth! Our products come fully assembled, sitting in a crate and covered with a large box. Clip the…Learn More

Air conditioning the outside is horrible for the environment. You guys suck!

You know what, we AGREE that air conditioning the outside is horrible for the environment. That’s why we don’t do it. Our products…Learn More

Putting ice in my evaporative cooler makes it sooooooo much cooler.

Yep, we hear this all the time. Here’s the physics behind it though. While you may receive some additional cooling from the air…Learn More

Will hot water – like boiling – ruin the evaporative media in my Portacool evaporative cooler?

So, we had to get our experts involved in this one. Who tries to fill an evaporative cooler up with boiling water? What…Learn More

Just tell me already, how much will it lower my temperature?

Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer for this question – we aren’t just throwing out marketing spin! – there are simply too…Learn More

I’ve heard that Kuul is “better” or “improved” when compared to old evaporative media. What’s that mean?

In the past, we have developed products for the poultry industry and used them for everything. As we have learned more and focused…Learn More

Can you make an evaporative cooler work in humid environments?

If you believe your evaporative cooler is adding too much additional humidity to the environment, try the following: Open a door or window…Learn More

I have equipment in my shop that can rust. So, I can’t use your products.

We disagree! You CAN use our evaporative coolers, you just have to use them correctly. The key here is that you are going…Learn More

Is evaporative cooling harmful for my employees?

No! The design of Portacool portable evaporative coolers allow for complete molecular evaporation of water – what the heck does that mean?!?! Our…Learn More

Do evaporative coolers work in humid environments?

While evaporative coolers achieve significant temperature drops in more arid climates and drier spaces, they can provide relief from the heat in any…Learn More

Will I need a special plug for my Portacool evaporative cooler?

Maybe. All Classic Portacool evaporative coolers and Portacool Cyclone evaporative coolers require a standard three-prong 115-volt electrical outlets. Portacool Jetstream evaporative coolers EXCEPT…Learn More

Where are the model and serial numbers found?

The model/part and serial numbers can be found on a metal plate on the outside of the evaporative cooler. Model/part numbers begin with…Learn More

How long will the water supply last in the reservoir ?

With no direct water source available, the water will evaporate in a filled tank within two to 10 hours of operation, depending on…Learn More

How much moisture will an evaporative cooler add to the environment?

An increase in humidity of approximately two to five percent is produced depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment. This increase…Learn More

What is the difference between evaporative coolers and misting systems?

Misting systems spray a shower of water into the air that will collect on people, objects, equipment and floors, no matter how fine.…Learn More

What is the best environment to produce the most cool air?

For optimum evaporative cooler performance, the temperature should be 85˚ F or higher and the relative humidity should be below 75%. However, Portacool…Learn More